Best, companion, Pattaya, Thailand

Concierge, Companion, Guide
Languages: English (USA), Thai.
Day - 8 h / $79 Night - 6 h / $49 Day+Night - $99
Pattaya and around, Ko Larn, other islands
Sex: male, Age: 22 yo, Status: single

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    Welcome to Pattaya!

    I'm waiting for you here for to show my glorious Land Of Smiles. I will do my best to make your vacation unforgettable wonderful.

    Famous Nong-Nuch Garden, Millions Years Stone Park, beaches of Ko Larn Island, Mini-Siam Park, famous nightlife are waiting for you!

    I'm waiting for you too ­čÖé┬á


    I'm busy at days marked like this: 17 (booking is not possible), days marked 15 are my "day off". At such days please choose another day or another companion.

    For booking please choose Service (Day, Night or Day + Night tour), then day in calendar and then time when you want to start tour.


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    Mac can guide you in whole Thailand, including Ayuthaya, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Phuket (all - in tours started from Bangkok).


    Ohh can guide you only after 6PM at Fridays + whole days at weekends not only in Bangkok, but also in Ayuthaya and Pattaya (in tours, started from Bangkok)