How much cost your service?

Prices vary and depend on country and ordered package. Average price is  very low — only US$ 5 per hour. At some days we have “holiday prices” – increased prices with bonuses to guide for work at days of state holidays. Please check table at the booking page.

Are prices per tour or per person?

Our prices are per tour. Max 3 persons (3 persons + guide + driver = full car). If your group is bigger than 3 persons – we can still manage that tour, but each next person will cost you +33% to regular price.

What is included in price?

Only time of guide is included in price. If you will need additional service (for example: car) – it should be paid separately. Ask your guide at time of planning your tour with him via WhatsApp.

How to place order?

Just fill order form here and we will reply shortly.

What’s minimal order?

Minimal order is one tour – “day” or “night”.

What means “Day tour”, “Night tour” and “Day + Night tour”?

“Day tour” starts at 8am — 11am and lasts 8 hours, day tour must be finished not late than at 7pm (19:00).
“Night tour” starts at 6pm — 8pm and lasts 6 hours, night tour must be finished not late than at 2am (2:00).
“Day + Night tour” starts at 8am — 11am and lasts 14 hours, “Day + Night tour” must be finished not late than at 2am (2:00).

How should I pay?

To secure your order you should pay security deposit 20% 2 weeks upfront of service or within 24 hours if your tour is more close that in 2 weeks. You will receive payment details in invoice in our confirmation email after your order. Payment of deposit is possible by PayPal, bank card. Rest amount you will pay to your companion by cash in local currency at the end of each day of service (with deduction of already payed amount).

How “far” in future I can place order?

We accepting booking at next 90 days. If you want to place order more far in future we can accept preorder in 180 days.

Preorders must be confirmed by you by placing order when date of travel will be within of 90 days. Preorders not confirmed by order will be canceled if not confirmed prior 30 days before travel.

What should I pay to companion besides of hourly rate?

As official guides our companions have gratis entrance to almost all touristic places which are under control of governments or national churches in their respective countries (for example: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Royal Palace in Bangkok and so on). But if You will want to visit private museums or other establishments with admission fee, you should cover companion’s expenses such as admission fee and other obligatory payments of such places.

Tickets to public transport are not included to the price of tours.

If your companion will work with you till late night when public transport doesn’t works you should pay him taxi.

What if my plans have been changed and I need refund?

You can revoke your deposit at any time (minus commission of PayPal), but if You will ask for refund less than in 7 days before service has to be started, we will deduct from your deposit $10, less than in 72 hours deduction will be 100%.

How I will meet my Companion?

In your order or late (but not late than 48 hours) your should provide us your preferable place for first meeting (usually it is lobby of your hotel or exit gates of local airport), day of month and time of meeting.

Not less than 24 hours in advance you will receive email with Companion’s phone number. Please pay attention: due our low price of service Companions don’t call to foreign phone numbers. If You want to discuss some details of meeting with your Companion before meeting – call him yourself then.

Can I ask companion to show me gay places?

Yes, sure. You can ask companion follow you even to gay sauna. As everywhere in sauna you have to cover companion’s admission fee.

Can I ask companion to provide “additional” service?

Yes. You can ask almost everything what can help You in your particular needs: to order bus ticket or taxi, to call to some place and talk with people, to help You with your luggage and other such routine: it’s their job — to make your life on holidays easy and smooth. For example you can ask your Companion to bring some food from supermarket or even to wash your clothes (Companion will find good laundry and place order there)…

*** “Almost everything” doesn’t include any sexual services. Companions and our site don’t provide any sexual service. Companions aren’t allowed by our policy to visit client’s rooms/apartments, dark rooms/labyrinths/private cabins in saunas.