Woody, Chiang Mai, Thaialnd

Companion, masseur, driver, concierge
Languages: English, Thai
Day - 8 h / $89 Night - 6 h / $59 Day+Night - $109
Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Pai, Golden Triangle
Sex: Male, Age 27 yo, Status: single


I cannot speak too highly of Woody - he will tailor a trip to suit your needs. Punctual, polite, handsome and friendly and a lovely new vehicle.

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    Hello everyone,

    nice to meet you all. My name is Woody, I live in Chiang Mai - the "North capital" of Thailand. I'm companion, driver and masseur. 

    I'd like to invite everyone come to visit Chiang Mai, here we have a lot beautiful places to see. Please contact me: I'll be very happy to take all of you around Chiang Mai, to Chiang Rai or to The Golden Triangle.

    Hope to see you here soon. Thank you.

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    I'm busy at days marked like this: 17 (booking is not possible), days marked 15 are my "day off". At such days please choose another day or another companion.

    For booking please choose Service (Day, Night or Day + Night tour), then day in calendar and then time when you want to start tour.


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