Tour with Good, Laos


Having just used the services of Good in Luang Prabang, I feel the need to express how happy I am. Please feel free to use the following on your site, your Facebook page or elsewhere.

I have just come back from having spent a day with “Good” in Luang Prabang.

From first contact, I knew that here was a guide who knew what he was doing. We discussed via WhatsApp what I was looking for, he made some suggestions and we agreed a programme. He delivered what he promised and some! He is very knowledgeable and astutely drip-feeds the history at a rate that digestible.
Visiting the Kuang Si waterfalls, he assessed the capacities of his client and adjusted the walking pace accordingly.

Every city should have a “Good”! Having said that, the nickname “Good” really is not appropriate, he should be called “Exceptional”!

This is the third Siam Roads guide I have met after the incredible Woody in Chiang Mai and the wonderful Mac in Bangkok. All three superb guides! I can’t wait to meet more in different cities.