He make one me feel special

Andy is a great and outgoing tour guide and companion. He amazed me with his creative and tailored approach for my sightseeing.

I guess he would probably keep one entertained and never bored even in a desert, but considering how interesting Bangkok is he made the trip truly unforgettable.

I have been to Bangkok a few times already but seeing the city with Andy was a totally different and immersive experience! local art places, cycling around hidden parks, bar hopping or local culinary gems (which didn’t drain the pocket).

If I had to summarize in one sentence – He make one me feel special. The only regrettable part of the tour was that it had to end so soon.

I would recommend Andy to anyone who would like to experience something different than the typical tourist attractions or just want to relax and enjoy the beautiful and interesting city. Of course if you want to see the regular places I am sure that he will also fulfill the task of the guide perfectly to your satisfaction.

thanks to Andy and to SiamRoads for making it possible