A memorable day in Bangkok with Andy

A memorable pre-birthday celebration in Bangkok with Andy. Andy was a very kind and helpful travel companion, he made an itinerary that suited my interest while making sure I am very comfortable all through out. He answered all of my queries and added some of his own experiences with answering them which made me understand him and Bangkok in a very special way.

I enjoyed talking to him as he was very friendly and hospitalized, his English, Thai and Chinese languages were all very good, we made conversations that were very fun and interesting. He showed me Bangkok in a very unique and wonderful way. What I also like about Andy was he even introduced me to his friends which were very kind to me. He also did a favor to me that really helped me with my whole trip and I thank him a lot for that!

If you not only want a travel companion, but also a friend, I highly recommend him, you can never go wrong with Andy.
Again, thank you, Siamroads and especially Andy for this one of kind experience. I am glad to have met and gained a friend named “Andy”:)