Mac is the BEST tour guide!

Before my trip to Bangkok, Mac and I conversed via WhatsApp and created a list of things I wanted to do in the three days I had him as a guide. He was always very timely, positive, and outgoing in our correspondence.

When I arrived to Bangkok, the day before I was going to meet Mac, he messaged me to check that I had arrived safely!

On day one, Mac met me at the hotel with a large bottle of water for me in anticipation of the hot day. We went to a couple of malls for some shopping and tried some traditional Thai food. Finally, we visited the Jim Thompson House and I learned about the man who introduced Thai silk to the world. Even though there was a group guide, Mac went with me and expanded on what the guide said and answered all of my questions. He remained both quiet and respectful when speaking to me during the group tour. He took pictures for me during and after the tour.

Day two, we visited the Grand Palace, House of the Reclining Buddha, and Wat Arun. We also visited several shops so I could purchase souvenirs for friends and family. While navigating the city, Mac took into consideration both time and my budget. Depending on the time of the day and traffic we’d take a taxi, the train (BTS), and/or boat. Mac was so polite with those who assisted us with transportation. He also took me to a little cafe for lunch with a sweet elderly woman who was the cook. His interaction with her showed me just what a thoughtful and kind person Mac truly is!

On Day 3, we took a river boat, saw the Bangkok skyline, finished up my shopping, went to lunch, and went to Caturday Cate Cafe. In anticipation of the rain, Mac changed up the order of things and it worked out perfectly. The rainy part of the day was when we were inside. Making adjustments last minute to accommodate staying out of the rain, while ensuring I was able to still experience everything I wanted, is just another reason why Mac is fantastic as a tour guide.

I have MS, which causes me to become sick if I get too hot for too long. I was diagnosed after booking and planning my trip to Thailand. Mac checked on me the entire trip and ensured I was sitting in the shade, near a fan, and had water. He also made sure we had plenty of activities inside where it was air conditioned. The level of concern that Mac showed me and the way he personalized everything really impressed me! Thanks to Mac, my disease became a non issue and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my time in Thailand.

Thanks for everything, Mac!