Pete, tour guide and companion in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Concierge, Companion, Guide
English (fluent), Chinese (basic), Thai (basic)
Day - 8 h / $79 Night - 6 h / $49 Day+Night - $99
Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and South Vietnam
Sex: male, Age: 20 yo, Status: single

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    Greetings, It’s me – Pete

    I am a student from Ho Chi Minh City. My major is Linguistics, Translation/Interpretation so I understand languages quite well. I could speak English fluently, a little bit of Thai and Chinese.

    I am a great tour guide with language proficiency, sightseeing and food tour experience, so you won't have to feel bored while hanging on a trip with me.

    My personality is: talkative, friendly, outgoing and helpful. I really love sharing and lending an ears to your stories, so please feel comfortable to confide in me. I am a huge fan of arts, music and other literary forms. I also love dancing and singing. If my interests catch your vibe, we could have more fun together while travelling on a trip.

    If this is your the first time travelling to Vietnam, or simply you just need someone to befriend with you and listen to all your sharings, don't hesitate to book my service: I will make your vacation unforgettable.



    I’m busy at days marked like this: 17 (booking is not possible), days marked 15 are my “day off”. At such days please choose another day or another companion.

    For booking please choose Service (Day, Night or Day + Night tour), then day in calendar and then time when you want to start tour.

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