Mike, Bangkok, Thailand

Tour guide Companion Concierge
Languages: English (degree), Thai
Day - 8 h / $79 Night - 6 h / $49 Day+Night - $99
Bangkok, Whole Thailand, South East Asia
Sex: Male, Age: 31 yo, Status: single


Mike made sure the whole day was completely tailored to suit me. Showed me Bangkok from a local's point of view, helped me get great deals on clothing, creams, nipple piercings etc, and made me feel like I was spending the day with a mate rather than a tour guide.

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    Let’s roll like a local!

    Call me Mike. I'm real and genuine. And I'd like to be your travel guide. Because I know what it's like to be on your own in another country, unless you know somebody local. Someone you can rely on, someone you can trust during your stay, someone who wants to make your trip worthwhile . Together, we will discover Bangkok like never before.

    So come say hello and let's discuss what you like to do so that we can start planning those amazing moments awaited ahead of us. I'd like to make your time here worth memorizing.

    One last thing "expect the unexpected, and what we have left is SURPRISE"

    Until we meet,

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    I'm busy at days marked like this: 17 (booking is not possible), days marked 15 are my "day off". At such days please choose another day or another companion.

    For booking please choose Service (Day, Night or Day + Night tour), then day in calendar and then time when you want to start tour.


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