All our holiday companions are skilled local guides with big experience in hospitality and tourism

Bangkok, Thailand

Mac, guide

Bangkok, Thailand
Professional tour guide, companion and concierge in Bangkok, also can travel around Thailand. Hobbies: painting, cooking. Languages: English (degree), Thai.

Ohh, guide

Bangkok, Thailand
Professional graphic designer, sportsman, traveler. Hobbies: gym, swimming, guitar, photography, motobike, travel. Languages: English, Thai

Al, guide

Bangkok, Thailand
Al is 25yo experienced guide and companion in Bangkok (Thailand). Languages: English, Thai. Personality: easy going, a little bit shy. Hobby: history.

Mon, guide

Bangkok, Thailand
Mon is 22 yo guide and companion in Bangkok (Thailand), studying management in tourism. Languages: English, Thai. Personality: easy going, intelligent. Hobby: gym, swimming.

Bangkok, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Olay, driver

Bangkok, Thailand
Olay is professional driver with license for public transportation, 28 yo, native bangkokian. Languages: English, Thai. Car: new, comfortable and fast Toyota Fortuner (2016) with aircon.

Best, Pattaya

Best is funny and talkative companion in Pattaya with fountains of ideas. He is working in charity organization and studies in college. Languages: Thai, English.

Woody, Chiang Mai

Companion, professional masseur, driver. Woody is very punctual, polite, handsome and friendly person. Hobbies: Thai massage, travel. Languages: English, Thai.
Bali, Indonesia
Angkor, Cambodia

Bagan, Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar

Dani, Bali

Kuta-Denpasar-Seminyak, Indonesia
Guide, professional tour consultant, yoga adviser. 7 years of experience. Active person with really bright personality. Hobbies: photography, yoga. Languages: English, Indonesian.


Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Professional licensed guide in Angkor Archaeological Park, owner of touristic company. Hobbies: gym, cooking, travels, clubbing. Languages: English, Khmer.


Bagan, Mandalay, Myanmar
Professional guide in Bagan - Mandalay, Myanmar. Very friendly and funny, but a little bit shy person. The youngest Companion in our team. Languages: English, Burmese.


Yangon, Myanmar
Matt is 23 yo guide from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). While his main job is business consultant, Matt is working as a guide by weekends "just for fun". Languages: English, Burmese.
Hanoi, Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Manila, Philippines

Lee, Hanoi

Hanoi, Vietnam
Professional tour guide, companion and concierge in Hanoi, also can to guide tours at North of Vietnam. Languages: English, Vietnamese. Hobbies: travel, reading.


Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Vietnam
Companion, guide and concierge in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), also can to guide tours at South of Vietnam. Languages: English, Vietnamese. Personality: easygoing, funny person.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Max is working in touristic industry over 5 years. He is easy going, you will never be boring in his company. Languages: English (fluent), Vietnamese. Max works only by weekends.


Manila, Philippines
Writer, copywriter, guide, artist and photographer. Hobbies: painting, photography, singing, swimming. Languages: English, German (basic), Tagalog.